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Coffee Trip To Origin

Coffee came to Bali fairly late, and it was initially grown on the highland plateau of Kintamani. Coffee production in Bali suffered a significant setback in 1963 when the Gunugn Agung volcano erupted.
By the late 1970s and early 1980s the goverment was doing more to promote coffee production, in part by handing out Arabica seedling.
as one of the coffee producing area, besides the beauty of nature and culture, we try to offer a different experience for tourists with this coffee trip. This coffee trip will bring you experience like a coffee farmer, from picking coffee to how farmers process their coffee
see how coffee put smile on their face, they learn how hard the farmer picking the coffee cherries for bring the good taste in their cup

except drying house, we still dry in traditional way. This traditional dry method we use for dry the sort of green coffee cherries.

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